Tivall’s Vegetarian Burger de Luxe

Vegetarian burgers come in all shapes and sizes. They appeared as the first meat substitute product on the market, when people still believed that non-meat must have the same name as meat: hamburger. Avid lovers of meat still find it a hobby to express their “indignation” over the designation of meat substitutes. Anyway, that’s for another blog. The fact is that the vegetarian burger now simply is called ‘burger’ and the vegetarian meatball now simply is called ‘ball’.

Tivall follows its own course when it comes to vegetarian products. The brand’s aim is to devise and create tasty vegetarian products, thereby picking up international food trends. For this purpose Tivall was created in 1985 to inspire people to cook vegetarian and to let them truly enjoy.

The Burger de Luxe is a relatively new product and promises a new world of taste. Due to its smaller size than the average burger, four peaces fit in the package. The burgers are made of 45% soy protein and 15% wheat protein and contain per 100 grams 15% of the recommended amount of B12 and iron. By using free-range egg protein powder the burgers are not vegan.

Tivall's Burger de Luxe
Tivall’s Burger de Luxe

Directly from the package the burgers look like an oval meat tartare, but without the red raw color. Cooked in liquid (vegetable!) butter the burgers are easy to get evenly brown. The crust remains soft crispy; when the burgers are slightly presses you feel the loose, resilient structure, such as Dutch donuts (oliebollen) have. The baking fat stays on the outside, which in itself is a good sign and gives the burgers a tasty tender. But with every bite I felt that fat also remained on my lips, so I would recommend small pieces.

Beautifully brown baked and tender burgers
Beautifully brown baked and tender burgers

Inside, the burgers have a fleshy, irregular structure like a – so I am told – real burger. Parsley is easily visible. The flavor is deliciously seasoned, but not spicy, and both smell and taste are the typical broth-like heartyness (umami?) that you usually experience in soy products.

The burgers are fleshy on the inside
The burgers are fleshy on the inside

I have shared these burgers with a former meat eater, now a pescotarian. If the burgers intend to resemble meat, the job is well done according to my table companion. The burgers have a pleasant, spicy and therefor distinctive taste, and when baking they remain succulent and juicy. A good sign, because it makes the burgers suitable to serve to the skeptical carnivore. For me, these burger will appear regularly on my plate. Only available at Albert Heijn supermarkets.

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